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  1. Please buy the ticket at the ticket office on the first(ground) floor.

  2. Please show the ticket at the gate on the second floor.
    (Please make sure you do not take any food inside. If you brought some, we gladly keep it while you are enjoying our superb spa)

  3. Keep your clothes and belongings in the locker on the 1st floor after put your shoes in the locker on the 2nd floor that has the number the same as on your ticket.

  4. Please put on the swimwear. If you do not bring it, you may hire it from the rental shop on the 2nd floor.

  5. Enjoy the bathing in our great spa as you would like. You can choose various type of our bade pool as you wish.
    (Use the key you have just like cash at any strores and restaurants. You will pay for it when you check out)
  6. Have a enjoyable time at our superb spa!